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  • Providing Safe Exit From Work

    15 May 2017

    Shifting demographics and social awareness of issues such as disability are bringing greater diversity into the modern workforce. Accessibility is something that every organisation must consider. That brings specific implications for those responsible for health and safety practices within a building. Gerard Wallace, Managing Director of Evac+Chair looks at the changing workforce profile and the key issue of ensuring safety for everyone in the event of a building’s evacuation.
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  • High Priorities

    24 April 2017

    Gary Hicks outlines prime considerations for planning safe evacuations from tall buildings in the event of attacks including terrorism.
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  • Five things you need to know about evacuating a multi-storey building

    16 March 2017

    If you’re responsible for the health and safety of everyone in a multi-storey building, what should be top of your priorities? Gerard Wallace, managing director at Evac+Chair, lists his ‘high five’ – the major considerations as he sees them.
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  • PEEP's & GEEP's

    03 October 2016

    Employers and organisations should not just rely on the building plan and layout design when preparing an evacuation plan. This important document needs to be tailored to the specific requirements of the workforce.
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  • 9/11, John Abruzzo’s story with Evac+chair

    11 September 2015

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